The tomato genome sequence published


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About the GBF laboratory

The Genomics and Biotechnology of Fruit (GBF) laboratory is a combined INRA-INP Research Unit, attached to the INRA Department of "Plant Biology and Breeding" (BAP).

The GBF Laboratory is dealing with the multi-hormonal control of fruit development and ripening. Combined approaches of reverse genetics and transcriptomics are routinely used to unravel the molecular mechanisms underlying the transcriptional regulation associated with hormone signaling in the fruit.

Using the same approaches, new research topics at the GBF are aimed at understanding genetic and epigenetic control of the transition from flower to fruit, and from immature to mature green fruits.

The GBF addresses scientific questions which have a major impact on agriculture. In the long-term, our research aims to provide new concepts and to discover new genetic markers for plant breeding.

The GBF is part of a Research Federation (FR 3450, Agrobiosciences, Interactions, Biodiversity), which brings together the principle plant biology and ecology laboratories in the Toulouse area, mainly located on the INRA campus at Auzeville.