Auxin signalling


Tomato sequencing by Mondher Bouzayen. november 17, 2012, 13h30, INRA Toulouse

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Auxin signalling and Fruit development

Mohamed Zouine & Mondher Bouzayen            

The making of a fruit is a developmental process unique to plants involving a complex network of interacting genes and signaling pathways. In fleshy fruits, it involves three main stages (a) fruit set, (b) fruit enlargement, and (c) fruit ripening each corresponding to a transition step associated to major metabolic reorientations and structural changes. While the role of single hormones in these developmental shifts is now well established, the triggering of these processes is likely to be under a multi-hormonal control. The onset of ovary development into fruit is naturally triggered by successful pollination of the flower, yet, the signals driving the fruit growth following fertilization are not clearly understood, though the involvement of auxin and GA is well documented.

We study the role of auxin signalling master mediators: ARF, AUX/IAA and Topless transcription factors in fruit development using reverse genetics, single cell, RNA-Seq,  ChIP-Seq and bioinformatic approaches.


Liste of publications related to the project:

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