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Actual Research Project:

Implementation of transcriptomics and biochemical approaches to unravel the mechanisms of hormone-dependent regulation of fruit development and quality


Scientific Career


  • Molecular Biology, Transcriptomic
  • Management of quality process in the lab


2012 :

  • Sato S, Tabata S, …(including Frasse P.)… Consortium TG (2012). The tomato genome sequence provides insights into fleshy fruit evolution. Nature 485: 635-64.  


  • Wang H, Schauer N, Usadel B, Frasse P, Zouine M, Hernould M, Latche A, Pech JC, Fernie AR, Bouzayen M (2009) Regulatory Features Underlying Pollination-Dependent and -Independent Tomato Fruit Set Revealed by Transcript and Primary Metabolite Profiling. Plant Cell 21: 1428-1452. 
  • Chaabouni S.,Jones B., Delalande C.,Wang H., Li Z.G., Mila I., Frasse P., Latche A., Pech J.C. and Bouzayen M. (2009). Sl-I AA3, atomato Aux/IAA at the crossroads of auxin and ethylene signalling involved in differential growth.

 2007 :

  • Delalande C., Regad F., Zouine M., Frasse P., Latché A., Pech J.C., Bouzayen M. The French contribution to the multinational Solanaceae Genomics Project as integrated part of the European effort. Plant Biotechnology 24:27-31 (2007).